Future of Education

Web2 + Web3

Education 3.0

Economy Infographic

A brand-new economy that includes students, investors, entrepreneurs, content creators and gamers
NFT Marketplace

C-Learning Experience

Edu3Labs NFT Marketplace is the world's first education and publishing-focused platform where content creators, authors, and students can be rewarded for their contributions.


Corporate Education

We offer expert corporate training to keep your managers and employees educated, motivated, and efficient in the ever-changing business world.


Educational Gaming

New generation GameFi concept that helps gamers to learn and students to entertain while it rewards both groups at the end.


Software Solutions

Edu3labs provides tailored software solutions for the Blockchain industry, including development, optimization, integration, data analysis, and e-learning platforms.

What is

The Edu3Verse?

Edu3Verse is an education and networking city in the Metaverse that all Edu3Labs stakeholders can attend classes, networking events and meet with each other.

Artificial Intelligence

At Edu3Labs, we believe in the power of technology to revolutionize the way we learn. That’s why we’ve integrated artificial intelligence into our personalized learning platform, allowing us to create customized learning experiences for each individual student.

Trillion Dollar Future

The merger of 2 sectors that are expected to have a size of trillions of dollars seperately in the medium term.

500 B USD

Global E-Learning

Market Size



Market Size

50 %

Global E-Learning

Yearly User Growth

150 %

Yearly Wallet

Number Growth

200 M


E-Learning Users

300 M

Number of Active

Crypto Wallets

Integration of 2 markets already having aggressive growth in terms of total market volume and number of active users

E-Learning vs C-Learning

C-Learning has numerous advantages over E-Learning from the perspective of both students and content creators.


Certifications do not satisfy the Z generation.


Not Only Certification

Students earn certificates and money while learning.

Lack of Motivation

Hard to be motivated without receiving an award.


Award System

Big prize quizzes create award that students need.


Contents and courses are too expensive.


Affordable for All

Not only free but also creates investment and earnings.

Outdated Information

Boring, theoretical and far from real life.



Real life content and practical informations.

Lack of Gamification

Students can't get entertain while learning.


Everything a Student Wants

Entertainment and adrenaline with contents, prizes, investing and quizzes

Limited Users

Users are students only.


Limitless Users

Users are students and investors.

Limited Spending

Users’ spending potential is limited.


Limitless Spending

The spending potential of users is unlimited.

Low Earnings

Content creators only make money with commissions.


High Earnings

Content creators are also shareholders of the system.



  • Seed Round 1
  • Whitepaper V1
  • University Partnerships
  • Communtiy Building
  • Smart Contract Integration
  • Global Marketing
  • NFE Marketplace Closed Private Testnet
  • NFE Marketplace Private Testnet
  • NFE Marketplace Beta Public Testnet

In Progress

  • NFE Marketplace Beta Mainnet
  • Content Purchasing
  • Academician and Content Creator Onboarding
  • Token Issuance
  • Edu3verse Development

Near Future

  • Private Sale
  • Public Sale
  • Airdrop
  • Tier 1 CEX Listings
  • DEX Listings
  • NFE Marketplace Full Launch
  • AI & Machine Learning Integration
  • NFT Sales
  • In-Class Advertising


  • B2B Blockchain Solutions
  • Networking Events

Investors & Partners

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